Planning and Assessing with the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines

Tuesday, 16 July 2024 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Narrogin District Education Office - Annexe Room
Homer Street NARROGIN 6312
Coordinator/s: Kristy Howson

Places available: 30 of 40

SCSA invites school leaders and early childhood teachers to participate in a workshop to support their planning and assessment with the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines (the Guidelines). Teachers will be supported to develop planning documents that reflect and complement their specific context. The session will explore program and environment planning, as well as a review of monitoring and assessment practices. School leaders are encouraged to attend with teachers from their school.
The session will include:
-an overview of the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, including the Vision, Principles & Practices of the EYLF
-a reflection on your context and practice using the Guidelines
-exploration of the curriculum planning process
-time to develop your own documents for planning your program and learning environment
review of the EYLF Principle: Assessment and evaluation for learning, development and well-being
-collaboration and discussion with colleagues
Event notes
Participants should bring their printed or digital copy of the Guidelines and a device to take photos (such as your phone or iPad).

Please note: This event is NOT CATERED. Participants will need to bring their own water bottle, and morning tea and lunch.

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